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£750,000+ business buy-to-let mortgages

Lenders are keen to offer £750,000+ buy-to-let mortgages to high-net-worth clients at special rates through Trinity Specialist Finance.

Most high street banks and building societies cap their business buy-to-let mortgages at between £250,000 and £1 million. There is only a limited number of providers offering over £2 million+ rates.

Many lenders have set up specialist large loan broker-only departments and they regularly provide Trinity Specialist Finance with exclusive rates not available on the high street.

We can access large buy-to-let mortgages through private banks, although they can in certain cases ask for assets to put under management as part of the transaction.

Many properties in London and the south-east have significantly increased in value, but the rental income has not kept pace. As a result, many lenders have restricted their maximum loan sizes if the rental income has not been sufficient.

Trinity Specialist Finance has access to providers which take clients' personal income and profits from other properties into consideration in order to provide high net worth business buy-to-let mortgages.

High limits for our clients

One lender that we have access to has provided approximately 100 mortgages to one client and he has a £15 million facility.

However, once landlords have reached certain limits, a small number of mortgage lenders prefer to ask for further information about their business plans. Lenders are then usually happy to agree funds to extend portfolios.

Trinity Specialist Finance has access to another bank which allows professional landlords to buy or refinance a maximum of 25 properties with them. It caters for clients' set-up as limited companies, limited liability partnerships and professional individual investors.

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