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Property Refurbishment Finance

Trinity can access funding from specialist lenders offering short-term finance to help clients refurbish their properties.

Our expert advisers can arrange loans of £100,000 to £5 million for light, medium and heavy refurbishment projects.

Types of refurbishment products

Light refurbishment comprises non-structural projects typically costing less than 30% of the day one value or purchase price. They are used to secure funding to redecorate, or replace kitchens and bathrooms.

Medium refurbishment products are also used for non-structural projects also typically costing less than 30% of the day one value or purchase price. However, these funds can be used not only to redecorate, but to add new windows and doors, new flooring or replace kitchens and bathrooms.

Heavy refurbishment projects are likely to include structural alterations to the property, but they should not typically exceed more than 40% of the property's value.

This type of refurbishment is available to pay for extensions, loft conversions, internal reconfigurations or a change of use.

Qualifying criteria

Lenders often prefer clients to have had experience of property management or access to a project manager. They may also ask clients to provide a detailed schedule of works and business plans.

Guaranteed exit - Refurb to Term product

Trinity Specialist Finance can help landlords and developers looking for refurbishment loan and then a guaranteed exit to a lower fixed or tracker rate.

This product ensures the client needs to go through only one underwriting process and pay one set of solicitor costs.

Say you are buying a four-bed single dwelling property with the intention of converting it to a six bedroom House of Multiple Occupation. This will increase the potential returns on an investment.

The lender we have access to provides funding to buy the property in its current state, also to advance finance for up to 10 months with the interest rolled up for a maximum of six months.

Once the work is complete, the loan will automatically revert from the development finance to a cheaper and longer term fixed or tracker rate.

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