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Bridging loans over £250,000

Trinity Specialist Finance provides access to bridging loans of over £250,000 at industry competitive rates.

Price growth and low cost property finance have been the keys to profits in the housing and property markets. Now, according to the Association of Short Term Lenders, its members are writing loans worth £2.5bn annually.

Bridging loans provide short-term funding for clients wanting to avoid pressing situations in the property buying cycle. They can be used for a whole range of reasons.

There are different types of bridging loans. They can be used to secure funds for quickly completing residential and commercial purchases, or to raise funds when refurbishing properties.

Trinity Specialist Finance can also generate the funding you need to secure business working capital, pay unexpected tax bills and even complete asset purchases.

Bridging loans can also be used in situations when normal mortgage funding is unavailable. These can include when purchasing properties deemed to be uninhabitable due to having no kitchen or bathroom.

Low rates

Trinity consults with more than 30 bridging loan providers whose rates and fees are determined based on the purpose of the loan.

Rates currently start from 0.65% per month and typically run over a 12 month term. Longer terms are also available. A 2% arrangement fee and a 1% exit fee are normal. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Please ask us for a personalised illustration.

Trinity has access to lenders offering:

  • Maximum loan size £10m +
  • Chain-break finance
  • Fast terms agreed
  • Residential and mixed use property funding
  • Rolled interest facilities
  • Lending to offshore companies and trusts
  • No upper age limits
  • With or without planning permission
  • Loans in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

More lenders and private investors have entered the bridging loans market. Trinity Specialist Finance navigates for you the funding streams available.

Exit strategies

Bridging lenders have a strong appetite to provide funds, but they expect each client to have a viable exit strategy. This is typically the sale of the property, or an agreement from another suitable lender to repay the bridging advance.

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