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Selection of banks offering Structured Property Finance terms

Trinity Specialist Finance has access to a range of banks and smaller providers offering property companies and entrepreneurs Structured Property Finance.

Our advisers have worked with national house builders and secured residential and commercial loans for buy-to-let landlords and property developers.

If you are looking to convert commercial premises into residential flats or obtain funds for a development of homes and shops, we have access to lenders offering between £1 million to £50 million.

Aaron Strutt, director at Trinity Specialist Finance, says: “There is a lot of competition between the lender's to fund projects and developments in London and across the UK. They offer different types of financial solutions to help you purchase the land and complete the build.

“Lenders are very keen to build ongoing relationships and help you manage your cash flow. They can work quickly to provide and agree terms.”

Many of the smaller lenders have private investors who pick and choose with projects they would like to fund, so it is important to work with a reputable company with a track record.

Call Trinity Specialist Finance on 020 7016 6151 to secure Structured Property Finance.

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